Fradswell Village Hall


Our vision:

'A vibrant community hub at the heart of Fradswell, providing local opportunities to meet, socialise, learn, share & shop,

A model for rural community engagement'



Our values:


We want to provide opportunities, facilities and services within the community to reduce isolation and the need to travel.



Our community has been here for generations. In all we do we strive to ensure it is here for generations to come.



We want to engage every part of our community, recognising the threat of rural isolation, especially being aware of the need to involve the young and the elderly.



We aim to provide opportunities that truly enable people, through teaching new skills and encouraging enterprise



Whatever we seek to do in the future we should always be proud of and embrace our tradition


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Fradwell was first mentioned as part of the Colwich parish in the Domesday Book, where it is listed as Frodawelle or Frodeswelle, and it is likely to have been an Anglian settlement established during the Dark Ages.


The village received a church of its own in the 13th century, when the Chapel of Saint James The Less was established. The chancel survives, but the main part of the church was rebuilt in 1764. Fradswell became a parish in its own right in February 1851 (it has since become the Milwich with Fradswell Parish), and further refurbishment, including the building of a new nave and the installation of stained glass by William Wailes, followed soon after.

St James the Less, Fradswell

prayer alter

Photographs and video of Bishop Michael's walk, kindly provided

by Paul Sumner and Sarah Emery :

Easter 2020 Rejoice with Paul and Sarah:    

This is the link to their uplifting recording



Fradswell celebrates Rogation 2020, thanks to the brilliant Sarah and Paul. Uplifting and the film!


A wonderfully positive film from Paul and Sarah, showing harvest, nature and Fradswell at its best...well worth a view!