Fradswell Village Hall


Our vision:

'A vibrant community hub at the heart of Fradswell, providing local opportunities to meet, socialise, learn, share & shop,

A model for rural community engagement'



Our values:


We want to provide opportunities, facilities and services within the community to reduce isolation and the need to travel.



Our community has been here for generations. In all we do we strive to ensure it is here for generations to come.



We want to engage every part of our community, recognising the threat of rural isolation, especially being aware of the need to involve the young and the elderly.



We aim to provide opportunities that truly enable people, through teaching new skills and encouraging enterprise



Whatever we seek to do in the future we should always be proud of and embrace our tradition


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Fradswell Community Carol Singing

Message from the very brilliant Paul and Sarah...


"Paul and I have been asked on several occasions if we would lead a Community Carol Singing Session in Fradswell this year.


We have sought the opinion of various committee leaders and the feeling is that it would be something to lift everyone's spirits.


However, COVID-19 rules for Tier 3 must be followed. Both the Government and the Church of England allow Carol singing outside with all social distancing measures applied.


This is for the community and is in no way affiliated to the Church or the Village Hall. Everyone who attends does so at their own risk.


The words to the carols will be published on this hub for people to either download to a device or print.


The proposed date, weather permitting, is

Sunday 20 December at 6pm on the Village Green behind the Village Hall. We expect it to last for about an hour."


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Suggested principles of safer singing


Taking account of the evidence, and if other national and local guidance on the control of COVID-19 is followed, singing is considered safer when the following actions are taken:


1)As required by national guidance, people with symptoms suggestive of COVID-19, or who are known to have been in recent contact with others who have COVID-19, do not participate in singing or attend singing events.


2)Singing takes place only in larger well-ventilated spaces, or outdoors.


3)Performance or rehearsal is for limited periods of time at a reduced level of loudness, using microphones for amplification if available.


4)Limited numbers of people sing together.


5)Singers are spaced at least 2 metres apart in all directions (at least 1 metre apart if the additional measures or controls recommended in government COVID-19 guidance for the performing arts are applied).